Curriculum Vitae

The Self

I am a physicist. As Associate Professor I work at the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR). I have been with the BSUIR since 2001. Previously I was a junior scientific collaborator at the Belarusian State University (BSU). I perform investigations on modification of structure and properties of aluminum alloys using rapid solidification processing about fifteen recent years. In fact, I have a lot of variety in my work. First of all, I conduct research as a physicist. And secondly I work with the youth as an educator. I give lectures, as well as conduct laboratory and practical classes on Physics for students. For more details, see my CV, my research page, my teaching page, or take my papers from ScienceDirect,, and my profile on ResearchGate. Author and head of “Heuristics in physics” student’s project since 2018. Its mission is to study physics through the prism of creativity under the motto “Do it yourself then understand!” Creative works filmed by my students are presented on my YouTube channel “Heuristics in Physics”.

To keep in touch with my friends I have profile pages on Facebook. I also have the nickname iyat-b in Skype.

Official Bio

Dr. Tashlykova-Bushkevich is an Associate Professor at the Department of Physics of the BSUIR. She graduated from the BSU with honors in 1997, took a postgraduate course at the BSU and defended her Ph.D. thesis “Structure and properties of aluminium and lightly doped aluminum alloys prepared by means of ultrarapid quenching from the melt” in 2000. She was awarded the academic status of Associate Professor in 2004. Research goals are in the area of creation of advanced aluminum alloys using such non-equilibrium processing method as rapid solidification. In particular, it includes investigation of the relationships between a modified material's structure, composition and properties. Her recent research focus has been effect of rapid solidification processing on the kinetics of hydrogen desorption from aluminum alloys related to hydrogen embrittlement for aluminum alloys. She takes an active participation in the International Conferences and Symposiums in Belarus, Russia, Poland, Germany, the USA, Canada and Japan, see Activities. Dr. Tashlykova-Bushchkevich has written three textbooks on Physics, Part 1: Mechanics. Molecular physics and thermodynamics. Electricity and magnetism and Part 2: Optics. Quantum physics. Structure and physical properties of solids, and General Physics. Practical work: tutorial. She has received Award for talented young scientists from the President of Belarus, Award from the special Foundation of the President of Belarus on social support of the gifted pupils and students, as well as fellowships from the Matsumae International Foundation (MIF, Japan) and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS, Japan). Dr. Tashlykova-Bushkevich is one of the vice-presidents of the Belarusian Physical Society (BPS). At the BSUIR, she is a Chairman of the primary organization of the BPS. As a member of the BPS Council she is affiliated with the BPS working group on women in physics in Belarus. In 2014 and 2017, she represented Belarusian women physicists at the IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics (ICWIP’2014, Waterloo, Canada; ICWIP’2017, Birmingham, the UK).

The table below collects some of my non-research interviews and talks in Russian. See also my CV.

Showtime Description TV Broadcast
June 29, 2005 Meeting of the President of the Republic of Belarus with fellows and winners of his special funds [I. Tashlykova-Bushkevich’s talk: “Problems and perspectives of professional and scientific achievements of young tutors of Universities”]
January-September, 2006 Videofilm by ATN: “… Future is ours”, a talk on support of the gifted youth by special funds of the President of Belarus
June-September, 2006 Videofilm by ATN: “Technology of career”, a talk on advantages of youth’s realization at Universities
March 19, 2007 Broadcast program “Panorama” about round table meeting “Improvement of work with gifted youth” with the participation of Minister of Education Rad’kov A.M., a talk on challenges of creative potential realization of youth at Universities
April 03, 2019 Interview about a program of professional development "Technologies of heuristic learning at the higher school "A training technique through discovery: how to train all differently, but equally", the Belarusian State University (3:07 – 6:41)


Here are some representative research papers:

  • Tashlykova-Bushkevich I.I., Dedina A.V. Professional and personal development of students of a technical university in teaching physics using a problem-heuristic approach in a lecture course // University pedagogical journal. – 2021. – Vol. 1. – P. 11-21.
  • Stoliar I.A., Shepelevich V.G., Wendler E., Tashlykova-Bushkevich I.I. Effect of lithium on the structural-phase state of rapidly solidified Al–Mg–Li alloy during heat treatment // Surface Investigation: X-ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques. – 2021. – Vol. 15, № 4. – P. 752-758.
  • Tashlykova-Bushkevich I.I., Shepelevich V.G., Amati M., Gregoratti L., Kiskinova M. Influence of chromium on the chemical composition and surface properties of rapidly solidified Al–Cr alloys // J. Surface Investigation: X-ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques c/c Poverhnost. Rentgenovskie, sinhrotronnye i nejtronnye issledovanija. – 2020. – Vol. 14. – P. 66-72.
  • Shepelevich V.G., Bushkevich I.А., Wendler E., Tashlykova-Bushkevich I.I. Changes in the structure and microhardness of rapidly solidified foils of aluminum alloy 1421 during their annealing // J. Surface Investigation: X-ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques c/c Poverhnost. Rentgenovskie, sinhrotronnye i nejtronnye issledovanija. 2019. – Vol. 13. – P. 555-561.
  • Tashlykova-Bushkevich I.I., Yakavenko J., Bushkevich I. Influence of ion beam-assisted deposition on the wetting properties of Al-1.0 at.% Cr alloy films // Intern. J. Nanoscience. – 2019. -V. 18, No. 3-4. – P. 1940062-1 - 1940062-3.
  • Tashlykova-Bushkevich I.I. Approbation of author's pedagogical technology of lectures organization on physics for students with elements of heuristic learning // Vyshehjshaya Shkola . – 2019. - № 1. – P. 43-48.
  • Tashlykova-Bushkevich I., Yakavenko J., Bushkevich I., Shepelevich V., Komsta H., Zukowski P. Microstructure, elemental and phase composition and their influence on hydrophilic properties of rapidly solidified Al-In alloys // Przegląd Elektrotechniczny. - № 4, 2018. – P. 122-125.
  • Tashlykova-Bushkevich I.I, Amati M., Alemán B., Sezen H., Gregoratti L., Kiskinova M. Hydrogen behavior in AlCr alloys: synchrotron-based photoelectron microscopy of the rapidly solidified structure. Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, Vol. 41, pp. 9100-9107 (2016).
  • Tashlykova-Bushkevich I.I., Horikawa K., Itoh G. The role of Cr in H desorption kinetics in rapidly solidified Al. Mater. Sci. Forum, Vol. 783-786, pp. 264-269 (2014).
  • Tashlykova-Bushkevich I.I., Itoh G. Hydrogen depth-profiling and desorption kinetics in rapidly solidified Al-Fe alloys. 13d Int. Conf. on Aluminum alloys: proceedings / edited by H. Weiland, A.D.Rollett and W.A. Cassada. Pittsburgh: TMS, USA, 2012, pp. 49-54 (2012).
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  • Tashlykova-Bushkevich I.I. Change of surface structure (morphology and roughness) of rapidly solidified foils of aluminium through Fe alloying. Poverkhnost’. Rentgenovskie, Sinkhrotronnye i Neitronnye Issledovaniya, Vol. 7, pp. 105-112 (2010) (in Russian).
  • Tashlykova-Bushkevich I., Shikagawa T., Shepelevich V., Itoh G. Effect of rapid solidification processing on hydrogen behaviour in aluminium. Mater. Sci. Forum, Vol. 654-656, pp. 998-1001 (2010).
  • Tashlykova-Bushkevich I.I. Effects of thermal treatment on microstructure of rapidly solidified Al-2.1 at % Mn alloy studied by RBS technique. J. Alloys Compd, Vol. 478, pp. 229-231 (2009).
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  • Shepelevich V., Tashlykova-Bushkevich I. Composition and structural evolution of Al-Me alloys (Me= Fe, Cu, Sb) prepared by means of ultrarapid quenching from the melt studied by RBS technique. Mater. Sci. Forum 248-249, pp. 385-388 (1997).

Meeting of the President of the Republic of Belarus with fellows and winners of his special funds, 2005 First Congress of scientists of the Republic of Belarus, 2007 Belarusian Innovation Week “Intelligence. Initiative. Innovation”, 2011

Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, Physics Department, P. Brovki Str., 6, 220013 Minsk, Belarus; Fax: +37517 2932333